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cliff's friends & family
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this section of my webpage is dedicated to my friends and family.  they
are the most important things to me.  without them, where would i be?
i'm lucky to have so many good people i can talk to, hang out with, and
confide in.  thanks for being there for me!

follow these links to meet:  my parents, my best buds,
and i can't forget about, my pet sugar glider.

most of my friends can be found within these pages.  if you aren't in here,
you're probably not my friend...  just kidding!  i'm sure its simply because i
don't have any pictures of you.  <hint, hint>  so feel free to send me some!
i'll post them as soon as i get a chance, i promise.  :)

unfortunately, i do not have a way to contact everyone.  so if you see
anyone who might be interested in seeing the pictures,  please pass
this web site on to them.

i have tried to categorize the pictures as much as i could to make it easier
to find who/what you are looking for.  most of the pictures are at a lower
resolution and dpi for faster access off the 'net.  if you see one you like,
however, you can email me and i will send you the high resolution version.
enjoy and keep in touch!

villanova preparatory school

united states air force academy

aerospace basic course class 99a

aircraft maintenance school
(haven't gone yet... 10nov-01mar)

davis monthan air force base
(having too good a time to take pictures)

** motorcycle riders **

"go home! are you too good for your home!?
answer me!!"
-happy gillmore