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the story of cliff's life
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"the details of my life are quite inconsequential..."

my name is cliff torrijos.  i'm a 21 year old, filipino male.  i am a 2nd
Lieutenant  (2LT) in the United States Air Force (USAF).  currently i
am stationed at davis-monthan air force base (dmafb) located in
tucson, arizona.  thats me in a nutshell...

"...but how did i get in this nutshell?
-austin powers

 . . . well, since you asked, i'll tell you.  : )

i immigrated here to the united states with my parents when i was only
three years old.  as a result, i have become quite "americanized".  i lived
in malibu, california until i was ? years old.  then i moved to oxnard,
california.  i stayed there until i was ? when i moved to hawai'i for about a
year.  afterwards, i moved back to oxnard (we had kept the house there)
and i stayed there until i headed for college.

preschool, kindergarten, 1st, & 2nd grade  (our lady of malibu)

3rd   (juanita;  oxnard, ca)

4th, & 5(1/2)th grade  (gate program;  oxnard, ca)

6(1/2)th  (hilo, hawai'i)

7th & 8th grade  (our lady of the assumption;  ventura, ca)

high school   (villanova preparatory school;  ojai, ca)

college   (us air force academy;  colorado springs, co)

life in the air force   (davis monthan afb;  tucson, az)

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